Thursday, April 16, 2009

Top Ten Nerf Guns of All Time.

I love Nerf guns. 


How much, you might ask yourself, could someone who is almost 30 love Nerf guns? For shame! You're reading Geek-tastic!


Still want an explanation? Okay.




That's my Nerf gun collection. Most of which was collected at a birthday Nerf War.


Over at Popular Mechanics they posted THIS article about the Top Ten Nerf Guns ever. A lot of these I agree with.  The N-strike missile system brought my life a great deal of joy.  The Maverick really is probably the best, most versatile, general weapon you can add to any Nerf arsenal.  If what they say about the Nerf n-strike Raider Rapid Fire CS35 is true, then it very well may be the greatest Nerf gun ever produced (a big deal as far as I'm concerned).


But there is a glaring omission to this list as far as I'm concerned;




The Nerf Rapid Fire


That gun right there is a pure piece of awesome. Not only does it hold twenty of any kind of dart Nerf makes, but releases them with air powered fully automatic Nerf-gasm. Also if you're like me, (and if you're reading Geek-tastic you just might be) you're never satisfied with just regular powered weapons.  Well the rapid fire has you covered there also because it can be easily modified to hold more darts and to shoot both harder and farther.


For shame Popular Mechanics for forgetting it.  For shame!  Hell, I'd even bump the Nerf bow and arrow off the list for the Rapid Fire 20, along with all my childhood memories of pretending to Rambo with it.  It being air powered makes it a damn sight better than that bettery powered Vulcan at the very least.


  1. Actually more than half of that collection is owned by Robert, Evan, Jesse and myself.
    And not pictured in there is the Nerf Sniper gun. Distance is pretty good but accuracy at long range with a dart, is left to be desirable.

  2. " left to be desirable" should be "...leaves a lot of to be desired".
    It was my birthday, and no bothered to help clean up and just left all the guns at my house, sounds like they're all mine to me.

  3. I accede to Wes. It was his birthday and I left the guns there. Though, what's funny, is that my rig is still set up on it. Just remember to wear a collared shirt with it otherwise the string burns the back of the neck. And really, who's going to argue with a guy with so many nerf guns.
    The lesson here? Attack Wes AWAY from his home.

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